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This is Loss

The mind can explain grief.
The heart grieves, regardless.
Special report for Flipscience.PH

Abelling Anito Festival

A 3-part special report republished here with permission from Kamusta? Magazine 

Ken(shin)do(es it): 

Exploring Anime Fandom as a Driving Motivation in Practicing Martial Arts

Peer-reviewed academic article for Plaridel: A Philippine Journal of Communication, Media and Society


SaniTents PH: Facebook Post Sparks Collab To Fight COVID-19

When Industrial Designer August Patacsil saw the chaotic first working day of the Metro Manila community quarantine due to COVID-19, he was mortified. “After the lockdown – the people did the opposite.”

Then he had an idea: a sanitation tent for deployment in public places, to help fight the disease.” FlipScience


From the sea of smartphones: Waiting to be #BlessedByThePope's smile

"Ayan na, ayan na!"

A tablet emerged from a sea of heads, followed by a school of smartphones puncturing the thick air, all eager for the biggest catch on camera: Pope Francis, live in Manila. GMA News


The grown-up palette of CJ de Silva

Christiana Jade “CJ” de Silva was, according to a series of instant milk ads that ran on TV more than a decade ago, a gifted child. The ads named her and several other children as special, outliers of a good kind, the ideal kids that parents want as their own
That was in the 1990s. GMA News


Shaira Luna: From gifted child to pro photographer

But she was no ordinary kid. In the 1990s, she and others around her age became household names thanks to a series of Promil TV commercials that hailed them as “gifted children”. They excelled in science and the arts, spoke in front of students to talk about education, and carried high expectations from adults.  GMA News

Ichi go ichi e:

Notes from the Jenesys 2.0 Japan homestay program

Lifestyle story for GMA News


Given to fly: Capt. Halili still has 'right stuff' at 67

Captain Meynard Halili flew a kite when his folks wanted him to sleep after lunch so he’d grow up to be tall. “But look at me, I’m short!” he said. It was a few years after World War II, and one particular afternoon, that his kite pointed him to a dream. GMA News


Hope amid despair: Pinoys help Japanese Yolanda survivor get in touch with family

The crumpled note bore barely more than a few personal details and an address, hastily scribbled in broken English and Japanese. But to a family far away, it meant the world.
advertisement. GMA News


UP’s bonfire and the one-win celebration

“Honestly, I think this is a bit too much.”

The bonfire celebration seemed excessive for UP Maroon JR Gallarza.. It was just one win, and everyone has gathered on campus as if 1986 happened. Ateneo, known for that brand of sporting revelry, had to win a championship before bringing out the wood and booze at their side of Katipunan.


'Scout Rangers of fortune are we'

The priest read the final rites from his tablet, swiping through the verses while a lady cried for the fallen soldier, her lost son. But a ringing phone broke the sad silence, playing Jingle Bells while the owner hurried to cancel the incoming call.

Pfc. Jose Marvin Talamante Jr., however, won’t be coming home for Christmas. personal blog

Reaching Ralph's Grind 

Feature story for


Vinta Inks set sail for PH fountain pens

Inspired by the colorful Zamboangan boat that traditionally rode the waters of Mindanao, Vinta Inks is the newest collection of handmade fountain pen inks made in the Philippines. Its initial 10-color release is a callback to the vibrant Filipino heritage and an ode to local craftsmanship.


These ‘troublemakers’ want to ink your fountain pens with no trouble

When Troublemaker Inks made its local debut of sorts at the Manila Fountain Pen Show, the duo behind it were stunned. In under two hours after opening, Gabriel Arnado and Kaiser Dale Diragos already sold out a couple of colors.


Beyond campus sports: Scenes from UP’s 100th graduation ceremony

The University of the Philippines’ 100th commencement exercises was one for the books: aside from a student finally beating a long-standing academic record set since World War II, the country’s president also graced the ceremony as guest of honor.


30 minutes with the most photographed Ivatan

“Bakit ba nila ako gustung-gustong kunan ng litrato? Matanda na ako eh,” she joked as we settled inside. "(Laging tinatanong) kung kailan ipinatindig itong bahay. Sabi ko, 'Di ko alam. Mas matanda sa akin ito!’”  GMA News

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